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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this page answers any initial queries you may have about flooring and/or our service. For any other queries, or to request your free, no obligation quote, please contact us.

Is there a cost for you to provide me with a quote?

No. We provide FREE quotations...... We call around to your home, measure up and inspect whilst you look through as many samples as you want. We'll then take away the details to work out your quote as soon as possible. We will then send it to you by e-mail or post if you prefer. (Even a summary by text if you wish.) If you have time it may even be possible to give you a quote whilst we are still in your home. 

Do you have a shop?

Sorry no, we prefer the more personal touch and come out to you with the samples. It also helps us to be more competitive by keeping our costs down.

How do I know what type and quality of flooring to choose?

There are many styles and qualities to choose from. The samples we carry are those that we have fitted hundreds, if not thousands, of times over the years and have had no product issues referred back to us by customers. So we are therefore very confident in their quality. In fact the only time we usually hear from old customers is when they want another room doing.

No floor however is indestructible, selecting the correct floor covering for the area to be fitted and correct installation and maintenance is very important !

I’ve purchased my own laminate flooring. Do you do “fit only”?

It depends....We are very fussy fitters which ensures a quality finish every time. If it is a brand that we work with then yes, that's fine, we are happy to fit it for you.

We would still like to visit to measure up, inspect and take a look at the floor you are buying. That way we can help you with the quantities and products of your shopping list.

I’m sourcing my own flooring. Any advice?

Our advice would be very much along the lines of :- You get what you pay for ! It is worth paying a bit more and going for a better brand as experience tells us that this will last far longer.

How soon can you fit my laminate flooring?

There is no hard and fast answer to this one!

As a rule of thumb 2 to 3 weeks is the norm but quite often other customers do postpone (decorator, builders etc not quite finished) in which case you could get a call to see if you want to move forward.

On the other hand sometimes straight away the diary is kind to you and your floor could be measured quoted for and fitted all within a week or so.

What colours and styles are there?

There are almost too many! What with smooth or textured finish, grooves and no grooves, dark and light, thin or thicker flooring, its all very confusing.

What can we do to help ? Well, rather than you visiting a highly fluorescent lit shop, we come out to you so that the samples of the flooring can be seen in your own rooms in your own lighting with your own decor. That way we can discuss the colours and various styles in the actual rooms where they are going to be fitted.

We always carry with us a good range of flooring samples from various brands to make your decisions easier.

Can I pay you cash? (Wink,Wink)

Yes, by all means, however no matter how you settle your invoice by cash, cheque, credit card or bank to bank transfer the payment always goes through the company accounts.

What payment methods do you accept?

Obviously cash, cheque or internet bank transfer. We do have facilities for accepting cards however there is a handling charge which we have to add

What type of Flooring do you fit ?

Abstract Flooring installs all types Flooring however as we like to specialise we use one other local company to install our carpets and vinyls. We have completed many installations working with this one company and you will still deal with Abstract Flooring for the whole job, we will communicate with the other company and deal with samples, ordering and payment.